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Cisco & Sei Mani: Many are called, few are chosen

Cisco selects Sei Mani as one of only a handful of companies in the world, that can guarantee high levels of adoption of its technology.

The tectonic shift to cloud-based collaboration has fundamentally changed licensing models and the way we pay for them. A few years ago it didn’t matter if 20,000 licences were sold and only 100 people used them, it was a one-off fixed cost. Today, vendors generate revenue based on consumption, relying on high levels of user adoption to grow revenue and guarantee on-going licence renewals.

Cisco recognised this some years ago and started working with Sei Mani to help their customers improve user adoption. The results, particularly in the increased use of WebEx were dramatic.

Cisco has now formalised this model through a global certification programme to recognise consultancies qualified to advise customers on how to generate high levels of user adoption. This ‘Collaboration Adoption Initiative’ is focused on partners who specialise in adoption – and Sei Mani is one of the founding partners.

It’s great news for customers because, for the first time, the motivations of vendors and partners are completely aligned with customer objectives – in a ‘virtuous triangle’ where there’s a continuous exchange of growth and value.


Because the voluntary, discretionary effort of employees is needed, typical industry adoption rates of ‘in-life’ collaboration applications are a disappointing 15%-20%. Industry research shows that around 80% of collaboration projects don’t achieve their intended benefits, due to low levels of user adoption.

As such, a very different approach is needed to the usual ‘provide and pray’ model. Typically, we take adoption to 60% within the first year of engagement, and in some cases, this figure is achieved in just six months.

Cisco Lifecycle Advisor

The way we deliver adoption is based on ten years of experience working with social collaboration software. We’ve created a unique methodology that redefines how to get human beings, who’re reluctant to change the way they collaborate, to embrace new ways of working.

Cisco Collaboration products enable anytime, anywhere, any device working. We provide:

  • Practice – we have a lifecycle advisor practice that supports business outcomes whether you’re an end user organisation or vendor
  • People – our experienced adoption practitioners develop and implement programmes of activity that drive customer adoption
  • Process – we have a proven methodology and process
  • Range – we can provide software licensing and asset management if required.
  • Reference – our customer case studies, references, and testimonials reflect the success we’ve enabled for our customers, and we’re happy to take you through these in detail.

To find out more about how Sei Mani can help you, reach out to us by contacting us@sei-mani.com

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