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Sei Mani Announces an Alliance with EDSL

LONDON, UK January 2017 – Leon Benjamin of Sei Mani Announces an Alliance with EDSL

Sei Mani is proud to announce a strategic alliance with EDSL, a company that shares its completeness of vision and ability to execute in the design, deployment and adoption of enterprise video based collaboration technologies.  Whilst both companies will continue to operate under their own brand, they have co-created services that combine and leverage the expertise of each to meet the needs of customers and partners that demand holistic solutions for implementing digital workplaces.

Leon Benjamin (Co-founder of Sei-Mani) says; “This alliance is about meeting the needs of our customers that want to make work as easy as play.  It’s as much about a meeting of minds as it is about commercial arrangements and will rely upon a relationship based on mutual trust, openness, respect and integrity. This alliance will create value for our customers by reducing their risk and enhancing their digital workplace credentials, and for our partners, provide a highly differentiated service offering.”

Ray King (founder of EDSL) says; “In 2016, EDSL and Sei-Mani were brought together by Cisco to design a global Videoconferencing Service to complement Sei Mani’s adoption services being provided for a large international professional services organisation. It was clear that the combined skill sets of EDSL and Sei-Mani offer a wider range of services to our clients in a more coherent and cost effective way.“

About Sei Manisei-mani-labs-logo

Sei Mani is a vendor neutral collaboration services provider founded in 2011 to address the massive gap between the expectation of enterprises’ investment in collaboration technologies and the reality of too few people using them.

We unlock the value of collaboration technologies by creating extraordinarily high levels of user participation. We view collaboration through the lens of human behaviour, culture, employee experience and businesses benefits, but also have deep operational knowledge of the technologies and a capability to develop software that integrates them with other applications. Our proven adoption methodology is delivered using a multi-disciplinary team of people with a wide range of skills from change management, coaching and training through to communications planning, visual design and software development.

About EDSL

EDSL is a UK based consultancy company focused on Visual Communications Consultancy Services. The company was established in 2000, by a leading expert in the Videoconferencing and Streaming industry; Ray King.

EDSL has successfully assisted large organisations, such as Vodafone, AstraZeneca, Yara and Sony to name a few, in realising the full benefits of their investment. Vodafone, who are reported to have one of the most advanced Videoconferencing Programmes in the world, announced significant cost savings and productivity gain, by virtue of the EDSL work. We have developed a holistic methodology that encompasses Business, Technology and People. EDSL have profound insight and knowledge of the technologies, and the experience to advise on best practices to ensure operational success. In addition to our strong business and technical credentials, EDSL provide creative adoption programmes to encourage users to adopt new ways of working that ultimately deliver a swift Return on Investment.

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