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Sei Mani is ISO Certified in record time


Sei Mani’s model for creating high levels of adoption relies on our people working with customers as though they’re employees.  We use their equipment, we’re given email addresses and we have access to a wide range of internal applications, systems and data. Working this way minimises the risks of a data and security breach and reduces the amount of information processed by our own systems.  We have a duty of care to safeguard sensitive information and whilst NDA’s and policy documents address many of the compliance requirements, we believe our customers should be able to ‘Trust but verify‘ our use of their information.

To strengthen our duty of care we’ve spent the last few months re-examining our processes for ISO certification. The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems and standards, helps organisations meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders through statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product, service or program.  This is not ‘just a box ticking exercise’ but something we embrace, as it enables us to:

  • Maintain high standards of delivery to customers, and scale without compromising quality, as we grow over the coming years
  • Expand our commercial relationships with large enterprises demanding ISO compliance
  • Describe and document our methodology in a clear and engaging way
  • Reduce risks related to delivery, billing and payment processes
  • Give customers evidence and confidence in our delivery excellence through ISO compliance, which can be verified at any time

We are proud to announce we are certified as of February 2017 for:

ISO CertsAstonishing Performance

Our ISO certification journey started in September 2016 and just three months later, the Stage One audit was complete. With no corrective actions required the auditor confirmed that a date could be scheduled for Stage Two of the process – a deep dive into the actual operational performance of the business. This would include a review of our live projects and operational systems, to ensure the documented processes were live and functioning in every part of the business. We passed Stage Two in January 2017 and certificates were issued for both standards.

Says Max Carton, Sei Mani ISO project lead: “Most of the requirements were already part of the way we worked. We just needed to fine tune a few things. Following Stage One, the auditor told me that it was the first time in a career spanning twenty years that she hadn’t needed to recommend any corrective actions between the two stages. We couldn’t be more delighted.”

Kieran Kelly, Sei Mani Collaboration Practice Leader says: “We touch a lot of areas in customer organisations when we deliver our services that demand high standards of quality; legal, finance, HR, procurement, IT, compliance.  This certification makes our conversations with them so much easier now.”


Practising what we preach with Jive

We’re told this is one of the fastest certifications witnessed by the auditors.  Ease of document management, accessibility of information and visibility of changes to processes are an integral part of certification. Sei Mani’s partnership with and use of Jive Software as the core collaboration platform and document management system was highly praised. Jive ensures that only the latest versions of documents are live on the system, along with a clear audit trail of updates. The simple yet advanced search capability ensures information is very easy to find, something many organisations have difficulty with.

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