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Sei Mani. What we do

Sei Mani is an independent, vendor neutral, social collaboration services provider. We make work as easy as play by unlocking the value of collaboration technologies to create extraordinarily high levels of user participation. We view collaboration through the lens of human behaviour, employee experience and businesses benefits, along with deep operational knowledge of the technologies and a capability to develop software that integrates them with other applications.

Our proven adoption methodology is delivered through a multi-disciplinary team with a wide range of skills – from change management, coaching and training through to communications planning, visual design and software development.

Headquartered in London, we’re ISO 9001/27001 certified, and we serve our customers across three time zones – delivering our Genius Desk service in five languages.

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“Because collaboration tools need the voluntary, discretionary effort of employees, their launch and deployment in the enterprise must sell the benefits to employees in the same way Apple launches its products, succeeding in convincing millions of people of their intrinsic value.” Leon Benjamin, Sei Mani Co-founder

Service Summary:

Service Area Description

1 - Change Management

The activities required to change the way organisations work, evolving their collaboration culture. Production of PR and communications materials, execution of comms plan, adoption performance measurement, optimisation of IT service delivery processes and senior stakeholder management.

2 - Genius Desk
Our secret sauce. An on-demand team of collaboration practitioners and community managers with product specific knowledge and an unmatched passion that transmits itself to end users so they adopt the technologies faster.

3 - Visual Collab

The design of world class enterprise video collaboration experiences from room architecture, end point choice and furniture to network design, room booking, supplier selection and business case definition.

4 - Bus case design

We creatively conceive and concisely answer major strategic questions in digital transformation and translate them into industrial-strength business cases for Board review and sign off.

5 - Collab Mat

An index that describes how evolved an organisation is in its use of collaboration technologies, the financial value of high levels of adoption and a benchmarking tool that compares performance with the market.

6 - Discov Workshop

Short impactful sessions that capture a wide range of information related to specific collaboration initiatives and technologies that produce high level ‘Get Well’ plans, recommendations and reports.

7 - Soft Dev
No collaboration platform is an island.  We write code to connect collaboration applications in a meaningful way and migrate content between them using state of the art Agile and DevOps processes.


Customer quotes:

“Sei Mani’s foresight, vision and practical can-do ways of working has helped turn our collaboration initiative from potential into reality.” Colin Miles, Director of IT Technical Services, Virgin Media 

“Sei Mani has figured out how to benefit customers by leveraging years of thought leadership and expertise in the most critical and challenging areas of collaboration, process and culture”.  Leon Baranovsky, Director Business Development, Cisco

“The Sei Mani team demonstrated great flexibility and creativity in communicating a complex message to the internal audience at Musgrave and their input was a valuable contribution to the overall success of the project”. Michelle Walsh, Communications Manager, Musgrave Group.

“Sei Mani have displayed deep knowledge of WebEx and the user cases, which has helped them adapt to our company and business needs”. Paul Freemantle, IT Director Arqiva


Contactus@sei-mani.com / +44 (0)203 621 8737.

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