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Collaboration Maturity Assessment

An analysis that describes how evolved your organisation is in relation to its use of collaboration technologies and the financial value of high levels of adoption.

Our Collaboration Maturity Assessment analyses application usage data, business costs and stakeholder feedback to describe organisation wide collaboration capability.

We calculate current levels of adoption and the financial value being gained or lost from usage and activity. The final report provides a gap analysis and a road map for improving collaboration capability.

In summary the value of a Collaboration Maturity Assessment provides:

  • Insight about actual levels of adoption of collaboration technologies
  • How they compare to other organisations that lead in this field
  • The financial value of lost/gained T&E expense, productivity and sales revenue
  • Predictions about where adoption will be in the future
  • A roadmap and action plan for improving collaboration maturity
  • A temperature check of how good the organisation thinks it is at collaboration Typically, we deliver this service over a 4-6 week period depending on the availability of people and information.

The assessment segments different types of human collaboration and calculates adoption in each area to derive an overall maturity level. An organisation may be exceptional in 1-2-1 messaging but under performing in many-tomany collaboration that returns the highest value. Four types of collaboration are analysed to derive an overall rating.


Here is an example of the output from a Collaboration Maturity Assessment:


For more information contact us@sei-mani.com


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