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Introducing our award-winning content by Stu Bailey, 18th November 2019

So, what’s all the fuss about?

If you haven’t read some of our previous blog posts, you won’t know that we’ve created a lot of excellent content for Cisco Webex, from Webex Meetings and Webex Teams to Webex in Education. All of the content is designed with a mindset of helping Webex customers use the tools in the fastest and easiest ways.
From adoption toolkits to “how-to” eBooks, we’ve done it all. And this week, we’re proud to announce that we’ve won the Most Innovative Use Case prize at the Turtl Immerse Awards.

Not your average “how-to” guide

Throughout the eBook, instead of using standard images to show people “how to” do something on the Webex Board, we designed custom animated GIFs to actually show what will happen on the Webex Board. Along with the GIF’s, there are simple step-by-step instructions to follow, making learning a sinch.

Click here and take a look a the “award-winning” Webex Board Essentials eBook

Employees won’t use your new digital workplace tools if you don’t tell them why and teach them how. Sei Mani gets everyone using new tools in the best ways by raising awareness, revealing the value and showing how to work smarter in this digital age.
They’ll be happier and more effective. You’ll transform the business.

If you’d like to talk about how Sei Mani can bring similar expertise into your arena, get in touch today.


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