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Customer success services from BT with Sei Mani by Freya Crawshaw, 13th September 2018

Let BT and Sei Mani make your new technology investment a success story

To meet agile working expectations, businesses are investing in Unified Communications and Collaboration services, and leaders are actively trying to increase the use of those technologies. But they can’t succeed if people don’t use them.

We see it time after time, IT departments do their best emailing the workforce with details of new collaboration services and upgrades available, but that really isn’t enough. Knowing which button to press and when isn’t nearly as important as having a reason to do so. It’s an issue you see repeatedly across all industry sectors. It’s not about the technology. It’s about human behaviour, employee workload and a misguided expectation that people will just sort it out for themselves.

For collaboration tools to be successful in business, a deliberate but optional effort is required by all involved. That’s why BT has launched the BT One user adoption service, working with Sei Mani, to drive up natural adoption of the new tools.  The service brings together BT’s dedicated in-house team with Sei Mani’s unique adoption methodology. This proven combination has achieved up to 80% user adoption within 4 months.

“Changing behaviour to improve productivity and at the same time, achieve a return on investment is arguably a much bigger challenge than the rollout of the latest collaboration technology. It can literally make or break the project. As one of the global leaders in Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions, we take an all-inclusive approach to deployment, working with companies like Sei Mani to help our customers realise the full potential of their technology.”    Binita Jilka, Senior Customer Success Manager, BT

We do it fast. We do it right. We do it now.

As part of our ‘Genius Desk’ service, Sei Mani provides scheduled and on-demand coaching, delivered by our highly experienced Collaboration Practitioners. We typically deliver a 1,000-user collaboration customer success programme in just 8 weeks. We bring the experience of presenting technology launches like consumer product launches, creating interest and demand, showing people what’s in it for them, and providing world-class collaboration coaching and driving higher adoption of the technology.

“Because collaboration tools need the voluntary effort of employees, their deployment in the enterprise must sell the benefits to employees in the same way as products are launched in the consumer world.”   Leon Benjamin, Sei Mani Co-founder

Find out more here and download the data sheet to read how to maximise your technology investment, increased employee satisfaction, productivity and therefore success.

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