Document Collaboration

Data and information security have never been more important to businesses today and yet many organisations struggle with how to safely create, store and share documents.

In a world where local drive storage and vast inbox archives just don’t cut it, we know how important it is to get your people using the right document and file storage. Whether you’ve chosen OneDrive, Box, Egnyte, SharePoint or something else we understand how to support and influence your workforce to not only be compliant but to embrace the benefits of secure document collaboration.

It may never be the sexiest of the subject, but with a little Sei Mani TLC, you can unlock the real productivity-enhancing, risk-reducing benefits promised by your platform.

When to call us

I’m looking to launch

Want to launch a new collaboration tool in your company? Then we’ll help make the launch a success. Whether you need vendor selection, technical implementation or frameworks for comms, training and measurement, we can take care of it all.

I want to revive

Got a messaging platform that’s not quite fulfilling its potential? Let us health check, gather actionable insights and revitalise. From analysis and recommendations to full relaunch campaigns, our team has the cure for your communication chaos.

I’m ready to thrive

Adoption is ok but you want to go to the next level? Then our specialists can guide you through engagement plans that appeal directly to your lines of business and strategic goals.

Problems we solve

Everyone’s doing collaboration. But is everyone getting the most out of it? The answer is usually no. We can help you increase adoption of your document collaboration apps, delivering noticeable increases in employee productivity, taking the risk out of secure file sharing, and making it all effortlessly easy.

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