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Our expert community team are obsessive about making work as easy as play.

Are you exploring employee communities for the first time? Or do you want to unlock the full value of your existing technology? We know that every customer is different and focus on the human beings and not the technology to make sure your digital workplace strategy delivers. Whether you are at decision stage and need some expert help, implementing a new platform, or integrating with other tools, we can work with your team to deliver a digital workplace stack that delights.

It’s working with you post-launch where we make the most impact. We want to see adoption that lasts, not just launch hype. Our aim is to leave you with a healthy, sustainable community that delivers real value for your business.

When to call us

I’m looking to launch

Want to launch a new collaboration tool in your company? Then we’ll help make the launch a success. Whether you need vendor selection, technical implementation or frameworks for communications, training and measurement, we can take care of it all.

I want to revive

Got a collaboration platform that’s not quite fulfilling its potential? Let us health check, gather actionable insights and revitalise. From analysis and recommendations to full relaunch campaigns, our team has the cure for your collaboration woes.

I’m ready to thrive

Adoption is ok but you want to go to the next level? Then our specialists can guide you through engagement plans that appeal directly to your lines of business and strategic goals.

Problems we solve

Employee communities can often feel like the lightweight player in your digital stack, the “nice to have”. But that doesn’t mean they deserve less investment. Investment in culture, employee engagement, and communication is just as important as the technology itself. No one chooses technology for their organisation without believing it will deliver wonderful things, so why do we so often leave those results to chance?

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