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Should I be using Slack at my company? How do I get people to stop using WhatsApp at work? How do I respect our peoples work/life balance?

Enterprise messaging has never been so important as part of your digital workplace suite. Plagued by shadow IT, and with new heavyweights in the marketplace, such as Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams, it has never been more important to get ahead of the curve to create a culture of productive collaboration.

We know that every customer is different, we focus on the human beings and not the technology to make sure your digital workplace strategy delivers.  We help you choose, implement and integrate the platforms that best meet your needs. Its working with you post-launch where we make the most impact, through customised collaboration coaching and use case development as part of our Genius Desk service.

When to call us

I’m looking to launch

Want to launch a new collaboration tool in your company? Then we’ll help make the launch a success. Whether you need vendor selection, technical implementation or frameworks for comms, training and measurement, we can take care of it all.

I want to revive

Got a messaging platform that’s not quite fulfilling its potential? Let us health check, gather actionable insights and revitalise. From analysis and recommendations to full relaunch campaigns, our team has the cure for your communication chaos.

I’m ready to thrive

Adoption is ok but you want to go to the next level? Then our specialists can guide you through engagement plans that appeal directly to your lines of business and strategic goals.

Problems we solve

Messaging has become part of everyday life, we natural default to quick, short form communications in our personal lives, but making the move at work can be a challenge. We can guide your people to make the most of your enterprise messaging tools, whether that be communicating the benefits, training and supporting, or even configuration and governance.

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