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Introducing our Community Practice by Nicola Band, 16th May 2018

More than 30,000 businesses across the world are enjoying the benefits of using Workplace by Facebook to engage their employees, partners and suppliers. Many of them have been  successful by working with Workplace partners that specialise in designing and building communities. They understood early on that the idea of ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t create active, vibrant communities.  Moving away from email to a more open, responsive and supportive community centric environment is a big change in the way people work and is less about the technology and more about preparing organisations for a change in culture.

Our Community Building Practice brings together people, processes, skills and experience to provide customers with professional services to design, launch and revive Workplace communities in a way that transfers our knowledge and best practice so they can do it on their own.  Read about our recent success with Ralph Lauren here

We’re proud to be a trusted Workplace partner and offer a wide range of services from simple advice on how to get started through to launch and high touch coaching, competitively priced to fit any budget.

Our services can be tailored to meet your needs wherever you are on your community building journey. Get in touch with us to arrange a time to you guide you through the details.

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