Top 4 Jive software alternatives: Unily, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter

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Top 4 Jive software alternatives: Unily, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter by Freya Crawshaw, 13th December 2018

With the acquisition of Jive by Aurea last year, and the subsequent offloading of the Jive-x product to Lithium, the future of Jive-n has been called into question. Both customers who have invested in the enterprise social network (ESN) over the years, and industry experts who have been closely monitoring the development, are watching as Aurea take the helm.

Rightly so, you might have been investigating alternative options that will meet your enterprise social needs. Most of the key players have been swallowed up into a wider suite of products, much like Jive, but a few remain neutral. We’ve pulled together a quick list of players in the market that should be considered.


Unily is an intranet first solution with social elements either natively or through integrations with Yammer or the likes of Workplace by Facebook. It is highly brandable and allows a great degree of personalisation much like Jive. It acts as an organisation’s central hub, housing news and information alongside collaboration and social solutions typically from the Microsoft stack. The SharePoint integration allows Unily to function as a collaborative workspace.

If you are looking for a product that is similar to Jive, Unily checks the majority of those boxes. Granular permission sets for your people, collaborative working, and the ability to create modern intranet type solutions, quickly and easily, make Unily a good fit and one we are keeping our eye on.

A real game changer is that Unily operates an evergreen roadmap and typically ships enhancements every 6-8 weeks. Feature development is handled almost like a co-op, with the opportunity to part fund development on desired features, which are then deployed to all customers.

Microsoft Yammer and Teams

Yammer is Microsoft’s answer to the enterprise social network. Launched 10 years ago, Yammer has been a consistent player in the field but in recent years has lagged behind in terms of development and positioning. Although not a direct match for Jive’s social intranet features, as a Microsoft customer this could be a viable option with key integrations throughout the suite.

Key integrations with OneDrive, Sharepoint and Azure will allow you to gain and build similar controls to Jive. Collaborative working through Microsoft Teams has also been piquing the interest of those reconsidering Jive. Teams collaborative workspaces bring the best of teamwork together with persistent chat being a key game changer for those solutions. If traditional “Intranet” features are high on your priority list, then delving into Sharepoint may be a better option.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is the enterprise version of the familiar Facebook platform. It provides a community-based enterprise network, where people converse in open and closed groups, and external, multi-company groups. It encompasses many of the Facebook commercial features including a Messenger option known as Workplace Chat, live video, news feed, and reactions.

In a comparison between the two, it’s almost impossible to consider their functionalities like for like. Jive plays heavily on its structure, permissions and collaborative functions, whereas Workplace revolves around its central newsfeed, fed by group posts. We view Jive as a collaborative workspace and Workplace as a community platform.

Workplace provides a light document solution but has many out of the box integrations perfect for document storage such as Box and OneDrive. Bots are a popular element in both Workplace and Workplace chat allowing simple workflows to be completed.  Workplace Chat supports both one-to-one and one-to-many (50 max) voice and HD video calling, something we have yet to see natively in Jive.

If it’s the structure and customisations of Jive that your people need then Workplace isn’t for you but absolutely worth considering how it fits your use cases.

Salesforce Chatter

Chatter is Salesforce’s offering in the enterprise social network space; fully integrated with their cloud CRM solutions. Chatter allows employees to “Share expertise, files, and data across your company, so everyone moves together.” Their key selling point here is not the standalone technology but its absorption into the wider Salesforce product stack. Chatter is weaved throughout your customer contacts, your marketing activities, and your sales pipeline. If you’re already using Salesforce inside your company, Chatter is a real viable option.

With the integration of Quip, Salesforce’s newest collaboration offering, you might find that you already have the capability in-house to deliver what your people need.

The Future of Jive

Aurea’s CEO, Scott Brighton, has started laying out the future of Jive-n in his blogs. You can read The Long-term future of Jive: Episode 1 and Episode 2  where he shared the reasons why Jive and other ESN’s haven’t been as successful as commercial social networks. It’s an interesting take on the market and the future of their product. Scott spoke more about the “New Aurea” at the Aurea Experience conference in November 2018, an Aurea which doesn’t necessarily put their Jive product at the forefront of their offerings, but what did we expect?

The latest trends show that integration between platforms and creating a clear digital workplace stack is a priority, whether that includes Aurea’s library of products, only time will tell. Looking at the tools your people already have, and the ways they interact with them in their personal lives will help inform your decisions, especially when it comes to enterprise social networks. Considering moving away from Jive is a big undertaking, especially when it has been engrained in your organisation. But making the moves based on your people’s needs, alongside company vision, will make sure you are set up for future collaboration success.

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