From the team who delivered the world’s fastest Webex adoption.

Are you trying to choose the best meetings platform for your needs but struggling to decide which one is right? Or do you already have a solution in place and are finding your people aren’t using it to its full potential? We have a team of digital workplace consultants who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, waiting to share the art of possible with you.

Sei Mani views collaboration through the lens of human behaviour, to create extraordinarily high levels of user participation. We help build knowledge, capability and belief, that inspires people to overcome a reluctance to change. It’s not about showing your people where to click, it’s about giving them a reason why.

When to call us

I’m looking to launch

Thinking about Webex? Is Zoom the right platform for you? We can guide you with our expert knowledge to make your launch a success. Whether you need vendor selection, technical implementation or frameworks for communications, training, and measurement, we can take care of it all.

I want to revive

Got a meetings platform that’s not quite fulfilling its potential? Let us health check, gather actionable insights and revitalise. From analysis and recommendations to full relaunch campaigns, our team has the cure for your collaboration woes.

I'm ready to thrive

Want to go to the next level of adoption? Not sure about migrating from Skype to Teams? Our specialists can guide you through engagement plans appealing directly to your lines of business and strategic goals.

Problems we solve

Businesses are always looking to become more productive – which is why they turn to collaboration technologies. But all too often, it can be a real struggle to get people using them. Sei Mani has over 100 years of combined collaboration experience across a wide range of industries and technologies, our team will help you choose, implement and integrate the platforms that best meet your needs.

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