The new Webex Meetings join experience

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The new Webex Meetings join experience by Elina Oost, 22nd October 2019

I can’t hide it. Everybody who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of online meetings in general and of Webex Meetings in particular. I always liked its robustness, versatility and quality. It gives me the certainty that the meeting will go well, at least if the people I invited were able to connect to the audio. 

Because that’s Webex big Achilles’ heel and has been for as long as I can remember: joining the audio part can be an uphill battle. 

Webex Meetings Vs Zoom: The competitive advantage

Webex competitors, Zoom especially, understood this pain point early on, and lost no time stepping into the breach. Besides an attractive price, the ease of joining a meeting was a winner, even with the technically challenged among us. 

In the last few years, the Cisco empire has been striking back. The response was slow at first: as with any giant organism, it takes time for information to reach the head and turn into action. But make no mistake, the fight is definitely on!

The New Webex Meetings Join experience

The new Webex Meetings join experience brings a much-needed refresh to what seemed to be a daunting process to join a meeting. Rather than searching the invite for the link to join, they’ve streamlined the content with a focus on the “Join Meeting” button. 

Once you’ve clicked to join, rather than being faced with numerous options to customise, the best experience will be selected and a preview of your video shown on screen. The biggest difference here is that the default will be to join with computer audio and, most importantly, with your video already on.

Along with the improvements to the desktop app, this update brings new features to the mobile app. Virtual backgrounds on iOS for when you want to conceal what might be behind you, and new annotation features for both iOS and Android.

The future of Webex Meetings vs Zoom

Now, by simplifying the joining experience, Cisco has almost neutralised Zoom’s advantage.  

But why “almost”? Even though the join experience is now as simple as Zoom, the join speed still needs to be increased to match their rival. No doubt though Cisco will improve this in the coming weeks and months. We hear even bigger things are coming.

Tune in for the next episode of Webex vs Zoom. Grab some popcorn and make yourself comfortable!

What do you think of the new simplified join experience?


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