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Next practice customer success content by Leon Benjamin, 10th August 2018

Cisco is making it easier to drive adoption of Webex Teams with next practice content. This is a shift in emphasis from ‘how to’ content to ‘why to’ content that can be used by Customer Success Managers and customers to launch, promote and accelerate adoption.

People will always need how to content but the first step to high adoption of enterprise collaboration apps is explaining why people should use it and the outcomes and benefits they can expect, explained in simple language.


Adoption starts in people’s minds, not their computers and mobile devices. To capture the mind and imagination, content needs to talk to the right side of our brain known to be emotional, intuitive, and creative which stimulates some form of action or reaction.

Content has been created to ‘sell in’ the benefits by specific Lines of Business (LOB) because messages about the benefits have to be tailored for specific audiences and areas of the business. Setting the technology in the context of role, department, function makes it easy and fast for people to ‘get it’.

Cisco has built a complete adoption toolkit for Webex Teams, with a comprehensive collection of instructions and planning guides to help IT execute adoption efforts across the lines of business and a wide range of digital promotional assets, infographics and best practice guides.

Unusually, Cisco has open sourced the content making it possible for its ecosystem of partners, Customer Success Managers and customers to remix, rebrand and customise for their own needs. Very Cluetrain.

View excerpts of the playbook here.

Download the entire 167 page Playbook here.

Join the the Webex Teams playbook support space here.


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