What’s that coming over the hill?

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What’s that coming over the hill? by Leon Benjamin, 20th September 2017

The reality of people working together across time and space is, relatively speaking, a completely new phenomenon.  It’s only since the invention of radio that human beings spoke to each other without a face and body in front of them.  Think about this.

Our evolution spans hundreds of thousands of years and only the tiniest fraction of that time have we communicated so differently. Despite recent ‘retro’ moves by IBM and Yahoo to office-based working, the demand for new ways of working feels like a tsunami.  So it’s no surprise the shift to virtual and remote working can be described as the birth pangs of a new era.

Here are a few choice cuts that demonstrate the inexorable rise of virtualised working.

Proof That Giving Your Employees More Freedom Makes Them More Productive

Best Buy was one of the first Fortune 500s to create a flexible work-schedule program for its employees. Tech companies have been doing this for a while, and for good reason: these programs work.  Agreed?  Read the whole thing.

Why the Pepsi CEO asks his team to leave loudly

“If I occasionally go at 4pm to pick up my daughters, I make sure I tell the people around me, “I’m going to pick up my children.” Because if it’s okay for the boss, then it’s okay for middle management and new hires.”  The Daily Telegraph reports.

Raconteur magazine’s CFO future outlook 2017: Anywhere workplace features as one of top three priorities.

No more remote work: IBM implements “move or leave” program but tells clients to implement flexible working.

Is Latin America Ready to Embrace A Future of Remote Work Culture?

Remote work, telework, home office, virtual work or telecommuting: call it what you want, but the fact of the matter is this new work modality is already widespread.  Read the whole thing.

The Economist’s fascinating look at how AI could change the workplace. 

There’s a quote from Tesla’s Elon Musk in which he says: “With artificial intelligence we’re summoning the devil”.  Strong stuff.

Burn your office down. Today!

“Your employees hate coming to the office every morning. They hate it.” Millenials are speaking with a new voice.

So what’s that coming over the hill?  A monster or nirvana?




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