Fastest adoption of WebEx ever recorded

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Fastest adoption of WebEx ever recorded by adminadmin, 21st March 2019

This is a story about how a small group of people identified as future leaders in Virgin Media dramatically changed the way people work. It’s the most complete example of the impact of our adoption services which resulted in the fastest deepest adoption of WebEx ever recorded.

The average adoption of WebEx in large enterprises is 15%. After a six month pilot WebEx adoption reached 50%.  We co-produced this video with Cisco using it to promote the roll out of WebEx to 5,000 knowledge workers and today adoption is a massive 84% placing Virgin Media in Cisco’s top five highest adopted WebEx customers worldwide.

In the last three years Virgin Media has enjoyed a 20% reduction in travel expense and some of the highest employee engagement scores ever recorded.  Originally inspired by the Chief People Officer’s Flexible Working initiative and now part of a wider Workplace Transformation Programme which includes the deployment of Jive Software’s social collaboration platform.

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