Working with Sei Mani

Pronounced: say-mah-nee

Headquartered in London, Sei Mani was founded in 2011 to address the gap between the expectation of investment organisations make in collaboration technologies and the reality of too few people using them. The name Sei Mani, which is Italian for ‘six hands’, is a play on the concept of the six degrees of separation.

The Sei Mani team come from diverse backgrounds in change management, coaching and training, community building, visual design and engineering. We’re passionate problem solvers that dedicate our experience to creatively solving your business problems. We serve our customers across three time zones – delivering our Genius Desk service in five languages.

We’ve created a methodology together that just works. With everything from choosing a new technology to revitalising ailing platforms and everything else in between, we’ve got your back.

Trusted partners of

We work with some of the world's biggest collaboration players to deliver on your real business outcomes.

We build our relationships on mutual trust, openness, respect and integrity, as much as we do on contractual arrangements. As a vendor neutral practice, we benefit from supportive relationships with the vendors, whilst retaining our ability to have unbiased views.

Who we are

Matt Farmer


Nicola Band

Director of Digital Workplace

Kieran Kelly

Managing Director