Workplace AI

The intelligent workplace promises to remove drudgery and interpret the world around us so that we make smarter business decisions. Workplace AI is in its infancy, but there are many pioneers who have failed fast and are now reaping results from their investments.

There’s a lot of hype to cut through, but also clear wins from chat bots, virtual assistants, natural language processing (NLP), video and meeting transcription, smart information search, and augmented reality. Predictive, big data analytics solutions are becoming more mature and powerful by the year, but the potential for employees to exploit these insights is still largely untapped.

The Sei Mani team live on the cutting edge of today’s digital workplace and the latest AI solutions are no exception. We keep a finger on the pulse, separate hype from reality, and help our customers create small wins with far reaching implications.

When to call us

You might be early on in your AI journey and want to define a holistic AI strategy, create a governance structure, or even understand the legal and ethical implications of AI in the workplace.

Our digital workplace consultants can even help prepare your culture for AI with coaching and training, including the readily available solutions in Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant. We can even scope out and deliver prototype chatbot solutions, fail fast, build on success, and guide you to make a real impact with AI in your organisation.

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